Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Wedding Anniversary Trip

 Hi Friends,
This morning I'm sharing an  easy mini album you can make using your 4x6 post cards and 3x4 Artist Trading Cards (ATC's).   This little treasure will have you thinking up all kinds of occasions you can stash in this beautiful, yet simple, easy and fun way to keep memories! 

Let me start by saying that this is a companion to a vertical paper bag tutorial I did of our Wedding Day.  Both albums are made from Prima's Stationer paper and embellishments. The Wedding Album has a step by step tutorial and is for more advanced crafters.  This mini album is for all skill levels, so a little something for everyone! 

While I still need to add journaling to this mini, lets get take a look at some close ups then I'll finish up with a few simple "how to" instructions.

29th Wedding Anniversary Dinner View
Beachfront Restaurant and Hotel
Dini's by the Sea Restaurant, South Carlsbad, CA
Richard and I all fat and happy from dinner!  lol
Sunset at Camp
Morning Lookout Over the Cliffs
Enjoying the Surf
Four Hours of Surf = One Happy Guy!
Cloudy Evening Sunset

Home Sweet Home

Cliff Side View

Sunshine & Rummy Cube

Beautiful Evening Sunset
Sunset Over the Campground
Evening Fireside
South and Southwest Ocean View

South & Northwest View
Northern Fence Line View

Back Cover and Trinket Chain
Well Friends, that's it for my goodies today.  The remainder of this post is for a supplies list and a few simple steps on how to create one of these mini's.

Thank you  for dropping by to have a look.  If you haven't been by before, please feel free to "follow" this blog or sign-up for emails to see whats next.  If you have a minuted to leave a comment, I'd love to know you were by for a visit!  Enjoy your day and I hope your inspired to create something from the heart!  Hugs ~ Dawna

Supplies List

1 pk 4 x 6 Post Cards
1 pk 3 x 4 ATC Cards
Adhesive Runner
White Glue
Crop a Dillie
Paper Trimmer
2 ea 2" Clasp Rings
Prima Resin Frame
Two Wooden Doves Stained Walnut
Wink of Luna Pen in Metal
Walnut Stain to Antique Metal Colored Frame
Foam Tape to Lift and Adhere Frame on Three Sides
3 ea. Black Roses
2 ea. Red Roses
2 ea. Cream Roses
3 ea. Green Leaves
4 ea. Stick Pins
2 ea. Brass Corners for Front Cover Edges
Tim Holtz Clasp Chain & Selection of Personalized Trinkets - Attach to Chain with Jump Rings 
Jute Sting
4 Types of Ribbon to Finish Off Rings & Use on Tags
Corner Rounder (optional)


Chose your favorite images for the front and back covers and set aside.  Using a 4 x 6 scratch card stock to create a template for your front cover.  Use your Crop a Dille to make 3/16" hole at 1 and 1/2" from the right side and left side of the card at 1/2" away from the top edge.  Mark both spots for holes and set your orange Crop a Dillie slide stop at 1/2" to stop the top of each card at the same depth with each punch.  You will use this set up to punch all your cards after they are prepared.  Note that pictures are mounted directly onto these cards, there is no special framing or matting, making this super easy!

Now lets assemble all your pages for punching.  Beginning with your front cover card, adhere two 4 x 6 cards together with adhesive tape, use a corner rounder, if you wish.   Keep your adhesive close to the edges throughout this process.  Set your front cover aside to decorate when your done adhering all your 4 x 6 cards together and punching them. 

Now decide which cards you'd like to use for photos and which cards you'd like to use for pockets.  To create pockets, take your 2 x 3 ATC's and turning them sideways, using your paper to paper glue (not your adhesive tape as it will not hold anything in the pockets without falling apart) glue 3 sides down leaving the top open to tuck in tags.  Repeat until you have created all the journaling tag pockets you'd like to have in this album. 

To make your journaling tags, punch a 3/16" hole with your Corp a Dilie and set an eyelet in the center 1/2" from the top.  Take a 5" jute string, folding it in half, push the fold through the back toward the front of the tag then pull the ends through the loop created.  Pull the jute string until it is snug against the tag.  You can create a 1-3 tags per pocket until you are happy with what you have.  You can alternate the jute for ribbon as you like.  These ATC cards are the perfect size for making these simple journaling tags. 

One you have all your pages punched and pockets made, distress all the pages and their pockets and tags.  You can even use some walnut stain to 'antique' any cream ribbon you choose to use.  Slip a piece of scratch paper into the tag pocket to distress the edge without getting ink on the whole pocket. 

Now its time to do the fun part, the front page!  First take your Wink of Luna "Metal" colored pen and paint the whole front of the frame.  Then use walnut stain to antique the metal color being sure to hit all the nooks and cranny's.  Once dry and allowing enough room for a picture to be inserted into the frame, trim your foam tape along three sides (leave top open) and center it onto your front cover.  Working with your flowers, leaves, and stickpins arrange them into the desired cluster and affix them to the front at the corner of the frame.  Finish off with some Diamond stickles to give it a bit of sparkle.  Add your Claps chain and desired trinkets and voila!  
Well there you have it, sweet and simple!   I hope you were able to follow along and create your own mini album to enjoy. If you have questions please feel free to ask and I'll get back with you.  Again thank you for dropping by and may I wish you a perfectly wonderful day! ~ Dawna