Saturday, September 6, 2014

Dad's Britday Card

Hi Friends,  One more card to catch-up on posting my cards.  Here's a little something I made my Dad for his birthday in July.  Can't believe this one almost got a way from me.  I used the Tim Holtz Old Jalopy Car and modified it to make this great truck.

Kind of ironic since my did the same thing only in real life.  He took and old camper, cut off the camper shell, added a big sheet metal flat bed, side rails and viola!  He had an amazing truck!  I did a "Now and Then" layout of his vehicles when he was 15 and when he was 65, I just love the time lapse of these amazing pictures: 

Well he loved his card, and had a very special birthday!  Thanks it for me today friends.  Thank you for dropping by and may I wish you all a happy day! 

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