Monday, May 28, 2012

Life's Special Moments

I just love this happy picture of my Sister in law laughing on a beautiful day out on our patio!  Vic likes thing un-frilly, so I kept this very simple.  I plan to give her this in a shadow box for her birthday in June!  I hope she likes it!

Tried and True!

This is a picture of my Dad and Wanda sitting in their fav spot out in Dad's Machine Shop.  It dates back a few years now and I can't quite remember, but somewhere in the 90's!  Thanks for stopping by my gallery dear friends!

Our Day...

This is a beautiful layout of my Mom and her Kn ight in Shinning Armor on her wedding day!  They look so happy this is one of my most favoriate pictures of my Mom.  It's been ten years since she lost her life to cancer, but this is just the way I want to remember her!  In love and happy!  Miss you mom! XOX  Thanks for dropping by my gallery today dear friends!

Us Together!

Here are a few more road trip pic's from our recent cross country vacation to see family.  Love the woodable butterfly!  Thank you for stopping by my gallery dear friends!

Just Hanging Out

Here's a layout of hubby and I just Hanging Out at one of our fav spots at our local beach in South Carlsbad!  Love the playful feel of this casual page!  Thank you for dropping by my gallery today dear friends!

Our History in the Making

This is my new little friend Ellie!  She is my daughters half sisters baby and she's just too cute!  Thanks for dropping by my gallery today dear friends!

Road Trip!

This spring hubby and I decided to purchase a new motor home in So Carolina.  We took a great road trip and saw family all across the country as we traveled too.  Pictured here (upper) is my sis and hubby, then below is my nephew, hubby and I.  I loved the burlap flowers and metal embellishements on this beautiful Documentated collection by Simple Stories!  Thanks for dropping by my gallery today dear friends!

Tribute to Queen - Forever Freddie

Good morning dear friends! This morning I'm working on the 'Feeling British Challenge.' Since I don't know anyone from or have never traveled to Brittan, I decided I would scarp hubby's all time favorite British band instead. So here is my tribute to Queen. While collecting pic's for this lo, I found so many I liked, I had to do a 2 pager and even then I don't feel like I quite did them justice.

Pictured here are band members Freddie Mercury (lead singer), Brian May (lead guitar), Roger Taylor (bass guitar) and John Deacon (drums). These legendary band members took the glam rock arena by storm during the 1970's and the rest was history! Freddie Mercury, who majored in stardom while giving new meaning to the word showmanship, left a legacy of songs, which will never lose their stature as classics to live on forever.

Freddie Mercury denied his battle with AIDS till his deathbed confession in 1991.
Despite twenty years having passed since Freddie lost his life, he remains in the minds of millions throughout the world as one of the greatest artists we will ever see. In September 2010 a poll carried out among rock fans saw him named the Greatest Rock Legend Of All Time, beating Elvis Presley to claim the title, and ahead of David Bowie, Jon Bon Jovi, Jimi Hendrix and Ozzy Osbourne. Their music will live on...

Thank you for dropping by my gallery today and I do hope you enjoyed my little tribute to Queen this morning. Have a marvelous day! Rock On...Dawna

Grandma Vista with the Good Health Peddler

This picture takes us way back to a time when peddlers would go door to door to sale their wares.  In this case, it's a 'Good Health' peddler and he apparently took pictures too!  This is a pic of my grandmother Vesta in circa 1940's. 


This is my beautiful granddaughter Quinn taking a walk in her local park.  The striking colour of the photograph is wonderful and it was my goal to create an organic layout that would compliment this beautiful photo.  Did plenty of inking, masking, stamping, punching and embelishing.  Thank you for dropping by my gallery today dear friends!


This is my Oklahoma Family in 2011!  Pictured are my daughter, granddaughter, son-in-law, dad, and step mom.  Love them all to pieces!  Thank you for dropping by my gallery today dear friends!

5 Generation Picture

This photo is one of my pride and joys!  % generations are hard to come by so I consider this a special blessing to have in my collection of vintage photo's.  Pictured are My daughters, my Dad, his mom, her mom an I.  My Great Grandmother dies just a few short month after this picture was taken at 97 years old.  Thank you for dropping by my gallery dear friends!

Monday, May 7, 2012

Cherish Yesterday for Scraputante

This is a layout of all three of my darling daughters the last time they were all together in 2007.  I just love this pic of them all dressed up for New Years Eve.  And since that day is Jennifer and Jessica's birthday they are all ready to get their party going!  Thanks for visiting my blog today dear friends.  Make it a great day! 

Be Open to Possibilities for Scraputante

This is my darling daughter Ashley.  This pic is one of my fav's of her.  She looks as sweet as she is!!!  Thanks for dropping by my blog dear friends!  Make it a awesome day!

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Enjoy the Moments That Make You Smile Mini Album

Welcome friends!  This morning I'm bringing you a beautiful Bo Bunny Weekend Market Mini Album.  I couldn't resist the beautiful rich colors of this collection.   Just had to try my hand a mini, which turned out to be huge!  The tags are 4 by 6 and there's twenty seven of them making this perfect for photos!  It's so huge it wouldn't fit inot it's rings so I had to assemble it using lace to tie it together!  I love how it came out and I hope you enjoy it too! 
 Page 2
 Page 3
 Page 4
 Page 5
 Page 6
 Page 7
 Page 8
 Page 9
 Page 10
Thank you for dropping by my gallery today dear friends!  If you enjoyed this creation, please feel free to leave me a comment!  Make it a happy day!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Friends are Lifetime Treasures Maya Mini Album for "Scraputante"

This is only my second mini album, and I'm really loving this pettie Maya Road Lotus Flower mini album!  This was a gift from my friend Kelly over at Scraputante.  I hope she likes what I did with it!!!  I had a blast making this little piece of heaven!!!

 I used Prima's Printerary Collection papers with some Prima Sun Kissed chippies mixed in. 
Loved all the chippies in this collection.  Added a bit of Dusty attic music notes and Prima butterflies throughout.  Used Recollections bling for the photo tags. 

I love these big beautiful Prima gemstone flowers and the beautiful Noteworthy tags.

I just love the chocholet brown Prima flower with the hat pin from Miss Kelly over at Scraputante. 
 That's what life is all about, making wonderful memories!  And celebrating special moments!
Let's wrap it up with a cup of tea!!!  And last but not least, Family is always together!  Thanks so much for stopping by my blog today.  Big hugs to you dear friend! 

Grandma Jones Circa 1940

This is my perternal grandmother stading in front of a "Good Health" peddler's car in circa 1940's.  This is my submission for the Herritage Challenge this month at 

A Walk in the Park

This is my darling granddaughter Quinn!  My daughter just got a new SRL camera and it takes beautiful pictures!  I'm so jealous!!! 

Grow Where You are Planted

I'm still working in Prima's Sun Kissed Collection and here's one more for my sister's grandbaby album of Lain!  She is such a sweetie, just love those sweet cheeks!!!