Thursday, July 19, 2012

A Ladies Diary Photo Album

Good morning friends,

Today I'm delighted to bring you this little photo album that I created for a dozen of my daughters fun bridal shower pictures.  At 12 pages long this was a large mini  to come up with.  So, I decided to layout each page first so I could change my mind a million times before I settled on a page.  One thing I wanted to achive with this album was making it sweet and simple.  I think limiting the pages to a photo frame, a set of Wild Orchad flowers and a coordinating chippie achieved that look.   I also wanted to make sure that each page was different, so the advance planning was key to making that happen.  Note that the chippie on each page is glued down in such a way that half of the chippie can be used to 'tuck' photo's into so they can be mounted without corners.  So I hope you enjoy this little creation:

Well that's it for me today dear friends.  Thank you so much for stopping by my gallery and make it a great day!

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