Saturday, April 19, 2014

Priceless Valentines Grifts from the Heart

Hi Friends,

February is a month to dedicated to romance and loved ones and this year was no exception.  My daughter Jessica and I enjoyed a very happy afternoon making valentines for the special people we love.  We didn't get to everyone, mainly our hubby's and children.  We laughed, talked and had a wonderful time creating together.  <3

 Lets start with my darling hubby's card,  I hope you enjoy them as much as we did creating them!  I created this Sky's the Limit card because I wanted to remind him that it was time to create a new dream for ourselves, and that the best years of our lives remain ahead of us.  To Richard with love:
The Sky's the Limit Easel Card for Richard
Side view of Easel Card for Richard

Jessica made a card for all the loves in her life, all three boys and her dear hubby.  She had a fun time, was very proud of her accomplishments, as she should be.  I hope you enjoy them my friends:
Hubby's Outside Card

Hubby's Inside Sentiment
Son's Card 01
Son's Card 02 Inside Sentiment

Son's Card 03
Sons Card 03 Inside Sentiment
Someone Special Card 04
Someone Special Inside Sentiment 04
We friends that's all the Valentine Cards I have to share for today.  Thank you for dropping by for a peek.  As always I love hearing from you.  Till next time Make it a happy day! 

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