Saturday, January 18, 2014

Birthday Card Club - January Creations

Morning Friends,

One of my favorite things is to get 'happy mail."  While this tradition has almost gone by the 'buggy whip' there are still a few of us who really appreciate the time and effort that goes into letting someone know your thinking about them on their special day.  To make sure that something more than bills come in the mail this year, a few of us at have started a Birthday Card Club.  There are twenty of us signed up to participate which means we'll all be taking turns creating and receiving happy mail throughout the year.  Here's a sampling of what I sent out for January celebrations. 

This card was designed by Linda Bradbury (one of my favorite card designers) and is for my friend Lorna who celebrated her birthday on the 1st of January:

Sweet Wishes Outside Card Cover
Sweet Wishes Inside Flap
Next came my friend Bren who celebrated her birthday on the 9th of January. Again these are Linda Bradbury cards I learned to make in class with her last year and I just love these wonderful creations!
Gather Together Outside
Gather Together Inside Note Card
Gather Together Outside Note Card
Then for the last of my January cards, my friend Donna celebrates a very special milestone this year as her 60th birthday is on the 21st.  Here's the card I created for her:
French Bird Card Cover
Inside Sentiment - Oh yeah, I did get it glued down! 
Sun Flower Close Up
Well there you have it!   When it comes to creating something from the heart, it really doesn't matter what you chose to do.  Just enjoy discovering your creative process and share it with others so we can enjoy your create journey too.

Thanks for dropping by and for those that have a minute, I sincerely appreciate hearing from you.   Make it a happy day friends!  Hugs ~ Dawna

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  1. Gorgeous cards Dawna! What a nice thing you all are doing....I love happy mail too- that's what we call it at the atc swap so I understand!!!!