Thursday, January 19, 2012

To assemble the top use Beacon 3-in-1 Adhesive.  It's the bomb!  You'll have about 30 sec.'s to get your placement right before it grabs your work and sticks like crazy!  Wonderful stuff to embellish boxes. 

I've finished embellishing the top.  Of course you can embellish any way your heart desires!  I was quite torn between shells and flowers and decided that I had a better box for shells, so I decided on flowers.  In addition to flowers I added ribbon, a heart trinket, magnolia blooms in her hair, rhinestones on the sides, say it in pearls (black) to the top, red and Aqua butterflies for that punch of red, pearl butterfly trails, and an exotic blue flower.  I was a little disappointed with how five layers of paper looked at the edges on the top, so I decided to use a corner black brocade ribbon to hide the mismatched layering and it came out just fine!  I love paper crafting it's so forgiving to work with!  Anytime you do something you don't quite like, just alter it till you do like it!  Next we'll be working on assembly and lining!  So, stay turned...Dawna


  1. Wow Dawna that box is incredible. I have this paper too and you have inspired me to use it. I just love the colors and such a wonderful project you created. Just beautiful.