Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Once Upond a Time Layout and Mother's Day Tribute

Hi Friends,

I had such a wonderful Mother's Day this year and created this beautiful layout as a tribute to my mom, Bobbie Jo Wilson.  Now that I'm an empty nester, its usually quiet around here, but all three of my beautiful daughters let me know they were thinking about me.  Each one did something uniquely her own to let me know I was being thought about and I was loved.  What more could a mother ask for than to know the love of her children? 

My dear husband, Richard,  started my weekend off with two dozen red roses for me and then drove me to visit my Mom's graveside in our family cemetery.  That probably doesn't sound like the funnest thing to do, but it is a genuine blessing to remember the loved ones who have gone before us.  My mom and I used to go together every year and decorate for her dad, my Grandpa Wilson and as the years went by, the number of flowers bouquets we needed grew also.  Now days my visit includes memories of our Uncle Pete and Aunt Helen, the closest thing to grandparents that either of us ever knew, two cousins and their mom, my Aunt Mary Lou.   Since my mom will always remain with me in spirit, I will carry on our family tradition for the both of us.   Its a tradition that always blesses and warms my heart.  

On Sunday, Mother's Day, I planned to take these wonderful vintage pictures of my Mom taken in the early 1950's and do a new layout for my Family Heritage scrapbook.  It had been quite some time since I scrapped a new layout of her and the timing finely felt right to do another one. 

I used Marion Smith's Mad Hatter paper collection which is all about Alice in Wonderland.  I can image my mom feeling a bit like Alice, not because she drank potions and went on wild adventures (although my mom had her adventurous side), I imagine that my mom felt a bit like Alice in those early years when she first came to CA as a young girl in love.  Her and my dad, Donnie, left home in their late teens to be together and came here from OK and AZ to start a new life together.   It must of been exciting and I'm sure it was a big adventure for both of them. 

As I look at these particular pictures of my mom, its easy for me to see the facial features I favor of hers.  Her arched eyebrow for sure, her smiling eyes, her small 'Wilson' nose, and thinner lips.  About the only facial feature I don't share is the dimple in her chin.  Instead, I have my dad's cheek dimples that show up everytime I smile. 

Okay I'll stop boring you with family genes and nostalgia, lets look at a few close ups of and the meaning behind my layout:
Bottom Right Close Up of Once Upon a Time
'Once Upon a Time' is the title of this layout and there are few things to note about this picture that are personal to my mom.  First she absolutely loved the Victorian Era and collected antiques from that period.  She owned a chair so similar to the one pictured, I couldn't resist using it.  Then when it comes to fairy tales, she was an avid reader and even fancied seriously writing at some point later in life.  Never a day went by when she didn't have a book in her hand.  She spent quiet evenings reading for hours and hours as dad quietly watched the television. 

As far as techniques go, note that this corner is anchored by one of Prima's resin spiral topiary trees which has been painted gold.  The tree is surrounded by a flower cluster which has been anchored by a gold doily, flowers that have been distressed with Prima's fluid chalk in black coal  and randomly dabbled with molding paste.  You can also see that the 8x8 photo background has been sewn and roughed out with a  Prima distressing tool.  The background papers were treated with a script stencil and molding paste to give the page interest and texture.  I felt bad covering up the beautiful stencil sentiment because it was all about creating beauty in the world around you.  
In this bottom left corner you can see Prima's Junk Yard Finds with the vintage 'LOVE' bulb with its wire running through it.  This bulb was a gift from my dear sweet friend Susie Martin and I wanted to include it on this very special layout.  You can see that the script stencil repeats on this side of the page adding more texture to the back ground.  The edges continue to be sewn around the page using various stitches.  They have also been punched around the page using Martha Stewart's tear drop punch.  Next, I used gold ink and Prima's distressing tool to rough up and distress the paper edges.  I matted a double set of black and white pictures, sewed and distressed the edges with Prima's black coal chalker ink.   Notice I added the 'Queen of Hearts' card and as a final touch I used one of Prima's resin heart topiary trees.   I painted the heart tree gold also and created a distressed flower and leaf cluster to anchor it.  I dabbed the flowers and leaves with black chalk ink and molding paste to grunge them up a bit.  Are you feeling the love on this page? 
Upper Right Corner Close Up
Here you can see that I used one of Tim Holtz's ornate label plates to put my mom's maiden name, married names, and life span dates.  She went home in her early 60's after a three year battle with pancreatic cancer.  She put up a remarkable fight, but in the end, it would take her home.  A year later, my grandson Cade was born exactly on her birthday!  My Granny (Aunt Helen) used to say that someone had to leave this earth to make room for someone new.  You can't begin to image what a blessing Cade's birth was to all of us!  

You can see that the 8x8 center background mat was sewn zig-zag which is one of my favorite techniques to use on layouts. Sewing adds so much interest and I love doing it!  Peeking out from behind the pictures you can see Prima's new Color Bloom Sprays in soft teal, and a resin butterfly painted gold and treated with the new Touch of Luna pens from Zig.  Then, I fussy cut the pink rose, added it to some chipboard, and treated it with several coats of glossy accents.  I popped it up it to give the corner greater dimension and depth. The script stencil work is continued, the gold doily is peeking out and the grunged up sewn, punched, filed and distressed edge work continues along the sides and top of the layout.  

The scalloped pocket envelop is a special hiding spot for several 3x4 pictures.   The envelop pocket has been glued between the bottom gold cardstock layer and punched top page.  The envelop has been edged with black coal chalk ink and gold.  I popped up the aqua chipboard button from Webster's Pages to use as a flap closure to hold the pocket flap down in place (thanks for that neat tip Frank <3).   You only need to gently pull it out from underneath the button to open the pocket to find more hidden journaling.   I took one of the 50 cent piece tickets, added an eyelet, jute string and tucked it through the scalloped flap to hide a few more journaling details.  I am loving all the wonderful techniques, hidden photo pockets, and hidden journaling I was able to incorporate into this adventurous layout!
Upper Right Hand Corner Close Up of Once Upon a Time
You can see that the edge work gives way to the wonderful checkered circle which has been distressed with a file, gold inked and zig-zag stitched.  Its been placed like a doily under the 8x8 square toward the upper right hand corner of the layout.  Notice that the clock and flower cluster have been fussy cut, put on chipboard, and treated with layers of glossy accents to highlight the clock.  I popped up the clock and roses to give the corner more depth and dimension.  Just peeking out of the leaves also notice that there is a Prima Junk Yard Find, dripping 'Time' water tap which leaks onto Prima's resin topiary spiral tree just below it.  Again, the topiary tree was  painted gold, so it subtly blends into the flower and leaf cluster that anchors the bottom right side of the page.
Bobbie Jo Wilson - Once Upon a Time Layout by Dawna's Place
Well friends, there you have it!  Did you feel all the love put into this lovely tribute layout for my mom?  And, I bet you learned something about me you never knew too.  Its been a very busy day for me, so I'm going to go put my feet up now.   I'm so excited about this wonderful new layout and look forward to creating a few more in the near future to add to my collection.

Thank you so much for dropping by and hanging in there for a little family story telling and a walk though this lovely layout of my Mom, Bobbie Jo Wilson.  I know she would love it!  Thank you again dear friends, have a wonderful evening and   remember to create from the heart and life your life inspired!  Hugs for all of you ~ Dawna


  1. Beautiful elements for the priceless photo!

  2. I see the adventurous side of your Mom, that sparkle in her eye! It's what drew me here from FB page "scrapbook 24/7" today, and my love of Alice in Wonderland. I created a photo memory box with this collection of paper!