Friday, June 8, 2012

Fairy Wall Plaque & Door Hanger

Good morning friends.  Today I'm delighted to bring you a creation that I made for a secret sister swap I was recently in.  My secret sisters avi photo is a fairy and her favoriate color is peach.  So here's what I did for her:

Thank you for dropping by my blog today and having a peek!  May I wish you a wonderful day!


  1. Thank you Dawna, this is even more beautiful IRL!!!!!!! You really out did yourself, and I couldn't be happier!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you once again!

  2. Hi Dawna, this is my first visit to your little laundry room corner but i'll definately be coming back... jsut please dont ask me to do any ironing, im terrible at it lol. On a serious note though i've fallen in love with these pieces, they're absolutely beautiful. thankyou sooo much for sharing these and invigorating my creative spark. Hugs xNattx