Saturday, April 19, 2014

Priceless Valentines Grifts from the Heart

Hi Friends,

February is a month to dedicated to romance and loved ones and this year was no exception.  My daughter Jessica and I enjoyed a very happy afternoon making valentines for the special people we love.  We didn't get to everyone, mainly our hubby's and children.  We laughed, talked and had a wonderful time creating together.  <3

As a new empty nester trying to figure out what top do with the next stage in my life hasn't been easy.  I can't begin to tell you how much joy it brings me to spend an afternoon creating with my daughter.   I wish all of my family was local so we could all spend time drawing, crafting or creating together.  It would truly be a blessing to share these special moments with each another.  <3

My eldest twin Jennifer and my grand daughter Quinn live in OK, so they are more often the recipients of creative gifts rather than participants in our play days.   Even though Jennifer and Quinn aren't here to join us, they are always with me in spirit.  They seem grateful and appreciative for the gifts I send which always warms my heart.  I always try to send a little love their way.  <3

I am glad that my youngest twin Jessica enjoys our creative play dates and she always welcomes the chance to spend time with her mom and learn something new.  I've learned that nothing warms my heart more then spending  quality time with my daughters whether we are cooking, chatting, playing games, watching a move, or simply creating.

My youngest daughter, Ashley is an artist who prefers drawing as does my grand daughter  Quinn, so they too are often recipients of special gifts rather than play dates.  I love it when they share their beautiful work, I have a gorgeous county bunny set sewn by Jessica, a gorgeous silver photo tree and Christmas tree had made by Jennifer and an art deco drawing make by my youngest Ashley.

I have a beautiful curio grandfather clock that most women would fill with expensive Lladro figurines.  My cabinet is filled with priceless treasures from  my children's everyday love for me.  Painted rocks, hand prints, ceramic animals and various handmade treasures.  Like I said, priceless memorabilia.   

I've always believed that art is an extension of who we are, right now, in this moment.  When we create something of ourselves for someone we love, we give them a small piece of ourselves forever.  With every new creation we learn something more about our inter beauty.  As we continue our journey we learn more about our creative sleeves.  Mastering our  crafts does not come over night, everything takes time and over time, we get more beautiful inside and out everyday.   

Okay enough of what I believe, here's a sampling of our special Valentines creations.  Lets start with my darling hubby's card,  I hope you enjoy them as much as we did creating them!  I created this Sky's the Limit card because I wanted him to remind him that it was time to create a new dream for ourselves, and that the best years of our lives remain ahead of us.  To Richard with love:

The Sky's the Limit Easel Card for Richard
Side view of Easel Card for Richard

Jessica made a card for all the loves in her life, all three boys and her dear hubby.  She had a fun time, was very proud of her accomplishments, as she should be.  I hope you enjoy them my friends:
Hubby's Outside Card

Hubby's Inside Sentiment
Son's Card 01
Son's Card 02 Inside Sentiment

Son's Card 03
Sons Card 03 Inside Sentiment
Someone Special Card 04
Someone Special Inside Sentiment 04
We friends that's all the Valentine Cards I have to share for today.  Thank you for dropping by for a peek.  As always I love hearing from you.  Till next time Make it a happy day! 

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